Refunds are payable in the following circumstances:

Tuition fees are refundable in full where student has provided evidence of medical or compassionate reasons due to which the student cannot commence the course, however, WISDOM REPUBLIC (PVT LTD) i.e. English Vision still reserves the right to refuse a refund.

Refunds are not payable at all in the following circumstances:

  • i) Student withdraws after the Census Date for courses in which student enrolled, and no special circumstances apply.
  • ii) The Census Date is 1 day after you make the payment.
  • iii) There is no refund applicable for a change of mind.
  • iv) Student withdraws from their program after their First Teaching Period Census Date and part of their First Tuition Payment remains unused on their account.
  • v) Student visa cancelled by the Department of Home Affairs for any reason.
  • vi) Australian or international law [including but not limited to the Charter of the United Nations (Dealing with Assets) Regulations 2008, Autonomous Sanctions Regulations 2011, or the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006] prevents the University from making the refund payment.

Exceptions Transactions which are outside of these policy principles must be approved by the Director, Accounting Services (or their delegate), provided:

  • a) It is their opinion that such a transaction is in the best interests of the University and is consistent with the objectives of this Policy;
  • b) The transaction is approved in writing prior to execution.

Please Note:

Refund payments are normally made directly into a bank account (EFT) however if payment was made via credit card, we are required to process a refund back to the original credit card. However, bank details are required for all refund requests to ensure payment can be finalised. All refunds are made in Australian dollars and are payable to the student’s nominated accounts, unless the student is supports by a recognised third party sponsor and that sponsor is entitled to the refund (ESOS Act, S47d(3)(b)). The Staff of Wisdom Republic T/A English Vision will process refund requests and if approved, arrange payment within 28 days.